Racehorse Tycoon: Simple and Sweet

by David Strebler
February 20, 2014
Raise, train and race your horses, all from the comfort of your browser It was in the early 2000s that browser-based games saw immense popularity. As more people began learning to create Java and Flash games, all sorts of games came out into the market, adding to genres that usually go unexplored. One such game is Racehorse Tycoon, a simple browser-based Flash game launched on AddictingGames.com in 2008. Racehorse Tycoon follows the long line of tycoon games that have been released in recent years. Read more [...]

The Battle for Wesnoth

by David Strebler
January 20, 2014
The battle for Wesnoth goes into the next round. Since the 14th April is a patch for the current version 1.6 available since March. The best turn based strategy game is set in a fantasy scenario and offers numerous campaigns and a multiplayer mode. Battle of Wesnoth, I found some time ago while rummaging in the Ubuntu repositories. Thus one of the few games that I have become aware by Linux only. The game is available on the major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). After starting the program, Read more [...]

Ludum Dare 22 – Alone

by David Strebler
January 20, 2014
After Mr. Ludonaut the 891 submissions to the Ludum Dare 22 has already played through, I will take the time and here also introduce a few beads I like rummaging in the eye but also time. As was the contribution to Ludum Dare 21 I put the games presented here in random order. For a leaderboard I would greatly antesten more games. Here you will find only a few games whose Screenshot seemed interesting enough for a test. The Ludum Dare selection on Super Level I can also recommend natural. Some Read more [...]

Mr. Kitty’s Quest – A hangover brings milk

by David Strebler
January 16, 2014
Mr. Kitty 's has not been easy. Apparently, the trick works with the big hangover eyes not always. Now he should also make more useful and get a gallon of milk from the supermarket. As if that was not annoying enough, is also the way to the supermarket of rubble and spilled it Teeming with nasty crabs and crazy wizards. So Mr. Kitty concerned a gun and ballert the way. For an Oscar for the best story, the scenario probably is not enough. For the fourth place in the TIGSource Assemblee competition Read more [...]

Commander Keen – Robot Invasion

by David Strebler
January 14, 2014
He's back! Not like here on the T-shirt but almost like old times on the screen . The likeable boy with the id Software and Apogee have grown up. The PC answer to Super Mario. Of course, none other than Commander Keen. With yellow helmet and Stunner Kannone it is again time to save the galaxy. This is threatened by eight robots, which in turn were constructed by Mortimer McMire for exactly this purpose. So you look at the sheet metal buttons rogue sequentially before and sends it to standby. Commander Read more [...]

Alight (in dreams) – fly instead of jump

by David Strebler
January 12, 2014
Granted, I was expecting something else. When I saw the screenshot to Alight (in dreams) to gamblers Pearl saw, I did not notice the winged protagonists, but the terminal with the cables and my brain pulled out a reminder and told me: " Mission Impossible ". While I was processing the effervescent memories, my subconscious all other texts took control and clicked me, ignoring up to play through. After only two minutes of playing time finally stood two points: 1 I lay with my brainstorm totally wrong Read more [...]

White the Game – adds color

by David Strebler
January 10, 2014
Year in, year of the games market is blessed with numerous new publications in the field of first-person shooter genre. From year to year the graphics are still great, even more realistic and even high-definition. A closer look, however, it is found that since Doom in the game concept hardly anything has changed. Among the few exceptions, bring a little innovation into the first person shooter genre, can now also undoubtedly White count. Equipped with an arsenal of weapons to make manageable at Read more [...]

MARS – Asteroids Reloaded

by David Strebler
January 8, 2014
If one disregards some exceptions, open source games rarely fall by their graphics. ., At least rarely positive MARS - a ridiculous shooter makes an exception here, because that still are going through development game has caught my attention mainly because of the graphics. So ridiculous as it claims the title comes MARS not over. More like a firework. With up to 22 spaceships on the screen it provides a bright and colorful battle. Here, every now and then you lose the overview, giving the game Read more [...]

Inside My Radio – Feel the Beat

by David Strebler
January 6, 2014
Who wants to know what really goes on in his radio, you should check out Inside My Radio von Turbo Dindon. But be warned, without rhythm in the blood is as nothing. The green pixels in the image can be controlled only when the movements are in time with the background beat. This is not as easy as it sounds . One may at first glance not suspect, but also Inside My radio is a contribution to Ludum Dare 23 . It is so far the best contributions that are I've come to the LD23. I do have a few on the Read more [...]

Tiny Iceland Adventure – Lydia above the clouds

by David Strebler
January 4, 2014
Tiny Iceland Adventure tells the story of the young mechanic Lydia, who built their house on a flying island. Unfortunately, drove the island one night of it in the sky. Since Lydia holds much fixed above the clouds on the small patch of earth. Until one day, another island is driven and Lydia makes just decided on the way to explore the new island. For a development period of just 48 hours Tiny Iceland Adventure makes a pleasing finished appearance. The playing time is indeed, despite notable Read more [...]